Pan-European Workshop

Securing infrastructures and enhancing safety in critical operations; HUMABIO physiological and behavioural biometrics for unobtrusive authentication and monitoring

February 2nd 2007 in Basel, Switzerland,
Psychiatrische Uniklinik Basel
Wilhelm-Klein-Strasse 27
4025 Basel

The HUMABIO Consortium is pleased to announce the realisation of the HUMABIO Pan-European workshop that is going to be held at the University of Basel premises, in Basel, Switzerland, on Friday the 2nd of February 2007.

HUMABIO is a 6th FP EU co-funded specific targeted research project on the development of a modular biometrics authentication and monitoring system for security and safety enhancement in sensitive areas and critical infrastructures.

The HUMABIO Pan-European Workshop aims to bring together all stakeholders in the area of the Biometrics and Security, to communicate its objectives and with all expertsí assistance, to refine and finalise its application scenarios. All participants will be invited to join the project User Forum in order to create a community where HUMABIO concepts and developments will be discussed, reviewed and updated.

The HUMABIO project concept as well as the first outcomes of the HUMABIO project will be presented and discussed during the workshop. The workshop will include plenary and keynote presentations and a round table discussion where key stakeholders will participate (EC, security, ethical and legal experts, user forum members, etc.).

Your participation is free of charge. For more information on the workshop please contact the:

HUMABIO project Coordinator

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  • Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)

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