WP 1 Use cases, legal and ethical requirements

WP 2 Physiological profile creation

  • D2.1 Physiological signals as potential measures of individual biometric characteristics and recommendations for system development

WP 3 Behavioural and other biometrics profile creation

  • D3.1 Face authentication module
  • D3.2 Speaker authentication module
  • D3.3 Gait authentication module
  • D3.4 Behavioural and other biometrics database
  • D3.5 Sensing seat for human authentication module
  • D3.6 Creation of a behavioural profile via face, voice and gait authentication fusion

WP 4 System Classification Algorithms

  • D4.1 Authentication and monitoring decision module

WP 5 Databases and security

  • D5.1 HUMABIO biometric database
  • D5.2 HUMABIO identity management system and biometric database update module

WP 6 System Integration

  • D6.1 System architecture concept methodologies and tools
  • D6.2 BAN, LAN, WAN Modules
  • D6.3 User Interfaces of the specific applications
  • D6.4 Final HUMABIO prototype

WP 7 Implementation and verification

  • D7.1 Pilot plans (public)
  • D7.2 Pilot results and consolidation

WP 8 Dissemination and exploitation

WP 9 Project management

  • D9.1 Project Management, Quality Assessment plan
  • D9.2 Final Report

European Framework

  • European Commission
  • IST logo
  • Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)

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