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working in the HUMABIO projectHUMABIO is a EC co-funded "Specific Targeted Research Project" (STREP) where new types of biometrics are combined with state of the art sensorial technologies in order to enhance security in a wide spectrum of applications like transportation safety and continuous authentication in safety critical environments like laboratories, airports or other buildings.

Research will be focused on the following issues:

  • Scientific/technological (such as biodynamic authenticating indicators and physiological state diagnosis)
  • User-centred (such as acceptance, usability and legal framework - accordingly all HUMABIO applications are conducted with the consent of all monitored subjects and subjects are aware of the system's operation at all times.
  • Application-related (such as continuous authentication, secure interoperable biometrics and emotional staging and monitoring).

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Latest News

HUMABIO final ReviewHUMABIO final Review in Thessaloniki
August, 6th 2008
The HUMABIO final Review will be held in Thessaloniki, Greece on 25.9.-26.9.08. The consortium will present the final status of the project, its sensors and the evaluation of the system in 3 different pilot settings.
Stay tuned about the final results of HUMABIO as usual on this official HUMABIO homepage.

HUMABIO 5th NewsletterHUMABIO 5th Newsletter
August, 6th 2008
The HUMABIO project has passed the last step of research and has evaluated the devices and algorithms developed during the project in 3 pilots.
In the last HUMABIO newsletter you can read about these pilots, but also have an insight to the final HUMABIO platform and the prototype sensors developed in the project.

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HUMABIO videoNew HUMABIO video
August, 6th 2008
A new HUMABIO video is now available. The new video shows scenes of the conducted pilots and explains the HUMABIO project in more detail than the first video. Download the extended version on this homepage (mpg file, 48 mB)!

HUMABIO meetingHUMABIO plenary meeting
August, 6th 2008
The next to last planary HUMABIO meeting was held in Mykonos, Greece on 9.6.-10-6-08. One of the main topics was the presentation of the pilots of Gotheborg, Basel and Stuttgart with video and photo material. Results were discussed and interpreted in the consortium.

HUMABIO 4th NewsletterHUMABIO 4th Newsletter
March, 19th 2008
HUMABIO is at its final year of activities and new and interesting results are emerging. In this issue of the newsletter the Transaction Gateway and the Multimodal Fusion are described. In addition the pilot scenarios evaluating the projectís results are described.

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HUMABIO meeting in GoteborgHUMABIO REVIEW Meeting in Goteborg
March, 15th 2008
On the Review Meeting in Goteborg at VOLVO the system was presented and installed ready for the truck pilot. Reviewers took part in a successfull test trail and partners presented the achievments of the last period.

HUMABIO meeting in MadridHUMABIO meeting in Madrid
February, 4th 2008
On the HUMABIO meeting at the premises of Telefonica in Madrid, Spain on January 30th and 31st, the final prototype for the pilots was mounted and tested. The final system integration was achieved and the system is now prepared for the truck pilot in Goteborg, the airport pilot in Basel and laboratory pilot in Stuttgart.

HUMABIO user forumUpdated HUMABIO Homepage
November, 28th 2007
The HUMABIO Homepage has been updated with the user forum, a platform for experts in the field of biometrics, sensor technology and public acceptance. The membership provides you with special access to not public deliverables of the project and the chance to participate in the discussion of topics rose in the project.

HUMABIO is now entering a new phase and passes from sensor development to system integration and system evaluation in pilot tests. Consequently a new section about pilot tests has been added on the HUMABIO Homepage. Early 2008 the HUMABIO pilot tests will be conducted to test the developed system in various settings. The new section contains presentation of the test sites and will provide informative news about progress and achievements.

Please have also a look on the now extended publication list with all publications online available!

HUMABIO meeting in PisaHUMABIO meeting in Pisa
October, 3rd 2007
The HUMABIO meeting at the University of Pisa on October 30th and 31st was dedicated to sensor presentation, enrolment and recognition for test reasons of meeting participants. The system was tested mainly for the truck and laboratory pilot tests. Pilot sites presented their facilities to the consortium.

HUMABIO 3rd NewsletterHUMABIO 3rd Newsletter
July, 24th 2007
We are pleased to issue the 3rd HUMABIO Newsletter describing the newest results of the project and highlighting its major related event, the 1st Pan-European Workshop that was held in Basel on February 2nd, 2007.

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HUMABIO meeting in ToulouseHUMABIO meeting in Toulouse
July, 18th 2007
The plenary meeting of HUMABIO took place on July, 11th 2007 at SIEMENS VDO in Toulouse. Important topic was the "Gait authentication, validation, monitoring potential". Read more about the topics of the conference in the agenda!

European Framework

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  • Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)

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