The HUMABIO embedded connectivity module layoutThe project aims at developing a modular, robust, multimodal biometric security authentication and monitoring system which utilizes a biodynamic physiological profile, unique for each individual, and advancements of the state-of-the art in behavioural and other biometrics, such as facial, speech, gait recognition and seat based anthropometrics. HUMABIO also aims at creating the necessary enhanced security framework for the integration of the biometric authentication system to a corporate security grid or other controlled and monitored ambient intelligence environments, in order to guarantee trust and privacy concerning the citizen's personal biometric template and data.

working people in a laboratoryThe main objective of the project is to enhance the security infrastructure in the industry and generally in information sensitive environments, through the use of new types of biometrics that describe the person's internal rather than external physiology. The idea behind this new approach is that each person can be physiologically characterised by a set of internal physiological indicators, such as EEG or ECG features, that range between specific limits that differ for each individual. By knowing the variation range of all these physiological indicators or even detecting baseline features that show intra-personal stability and inter-personal variability, we can create a profile, a unique biodynamic signature of the individual.

The project also plans the fusing of the individual's physiological signature with non-obtrusive voice, face and gait recognition systems and an anthropometric system that is based on pressure sensors integrated in seats, in order to enhance the security and reliability of the system but also increase its applicability to scenarios where the physiological profile of an individual cannot be obtained. This modular nature of HUMABIO will allow the creation of non-stop authentication systems that are transparent to the subject and can be part of a generic ambient intelligence security environment. ...

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