User forum

The HUMABIO User Forum is a network of external experts in the areas of interest of the HUMABIO project.

Members of the HUMABIO User Forum will be invited to provide their views and input on various activities within the project, notably on the user needs and acceptance as well as applications of biometrics and more specifically on the applications that will be introduced by the HUMABIO project. This will be performed primarily through questionnaires and workshops. Your name has been put forward by a partner of the HUMABIO project due to your knowledge and the valuable input you could make to the project.

As a member of the Forum, you will have access to a number of deliverables, including several which are not publicly available. Membership of the Forum is being extended to a broad spectrum of stakeholders groups to ensure the project produces outputs that reflect the concerns of the different groups, on the one hand, and the outputs are taken up widely once the project has finished, on the other.

If you wish to become member of the HUMABIO User Forum please download and fill in the nominations form and send it to

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